On Tuesday Grace comments on the comments that people leave here on different websites. Almost all of the people who comment are  "New Viewsers" (new viewers). After she says the username of the person who left the comment. The words "NEW VIEWSER ALERT" flash on the screen along with an alarm sound and Grace saying," New viewser alert" three times. After this happens the first time, she quickly says, "For all of you who don't know, when a new viewser comments on one of my videos, I haze the crap out of them and welcome to the dailygrace family. How do I know it's a new viewser? I don't know. I just guess." She will read the username (or real name of the person if the comment is from Facebook) and then say, "More like" and then say something that sounds similar to it that insults them. Then she will hold up a shirt that says, "You've been hazed!" Then she reads the comment and then responds to it.