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MyMusic is an online mockumentary and sitcom. The series was created by the Fine Brothers and was funded by YouTube's $100 million dollar original channel initiative. The show was uploaded onto the YouTube channel MyMusicShow. The main sitcom series was released every Sunday, with the shows the company creates being released throughout the week including interviews with new music artists, weekly entertainment news, and an interactive question and answer series featuring the staff members. In an interview with New Media Rockstars, Benny Fine stated that MyMusic "was developed first as a television property" and then adapted for the internet. Sometime afterward, YouTube invested money to help the brothers create a premium channel, with which the brothers decided to create MyMusic.

The series was released both as a shorter form web series, as well as a TV-length sitcom. Every five or six episodes of the web version were combined into the TV-length version, featuring extra scenes and dialogue.

TheFineBros hope to broadcast a second season in 2013. Reports of YouTube making cuts to their original funded channels were announced. However, it was also reported that some channels that could fund themselves will not be renewed. An announcement video for the future of MyMusic was broadcasted on the MyMusicShow channel January 12, 2013 in which it stated that until they can produce a second season, they will show behind-the-scenes footage of the making of MyMusic every sunday.

In 2013, MyMusic was nominated for 9 Streamy Awards, the most of any show that year.