Theresa McGinnis appears on Daily Grace for the first time.

Theresa McGinnis is Grace Helbig's Mother. she has appeared on several videos on the Daily Grace Channel and have also been Grace's rival on Tim's Helbig Ball.


Theresa McGinnis was once married to John Helbig and together they had three kids John, Grace and Tim. When Grace was young, Theresa and John got a divorce. a few years later Theresa got re-married to a man named Bill.

Aperrances on Daily GraceEdit

Theresa has appeared on the Daily Grace channel many times and has brought positive comments from viewers asking Grace to do more videos with her mother.

Video Title Uplode Date Number of views
SEXY MOMMA 11 Aug 2011 +100,000
BLACK FRIDAY TIPS 24 Nov 2011 +100,000
I LOVE MY MOM 27 May 2012 +190,000
MOM Q & A 28 May 2012 +300,000
A FAMILY AFFAIR 20 Aug 2012 +200,000
A FAMILY AFFAIR PART II 21 Aug 2012 +150,000
MY MOM TWERKS 26 Dec 2012 +300,000
MOM CHRISTMAS 26 Dec 2012 +300,000
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